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Michael Schoeff and his involvement with EyesWideOpen

Michael Schoeff: “I felt that helping the orphanage was a good thing to do because they were lacking funding for important projects that would allow for safety from storms and outsiders.”

Michael Schoeff recommends that you read the words of a very caring lady: Nicolle, the co-founder of Eyeswideopen

A story of a young child who was sold into slavery by his mother

“I heard and got an email from one of our givers today that said: There's a young girl she's a restavek in Haiti, which means a slave. I call them Cinderella-children and I'm hoping that God will use me more and more in that country to rescue children from these horrible horrible abusive people. But in Haiti, there's a name for it. It's called “restavek” and it basically means child slave.

There was a young lady who was a child slave. Her mother sold her into slavery and, in the process of being in great oppression and slavery she was shot. The result of that shooting made her a quadriplegic. She's been treated in a hospital and been doing rehab for two years now and for a year an entire year of those two years they've tried to find somebody.. anybody that would take her into their home and love her and they can't find a single person not a single place, not a single ministry, not a single home that will take this young girl who was basically rescued from slavery because she was shot and now she’s a quadriplegic.

And I'm still getting the details on this, but what I'm saying is: I don't know if she was supposed to be in our home. Someone is telling me that they believe that God is saying she is because they know she'll be loved and cared for. We have a facility that could handle it but we would have to have another staff person it would cost an additional approximately off the top of my head five hundred dollars a month to rescue this young girl. However, she needs rescued, so I'm doing this video to tell you that this is just one example of a child who needs rescued.

One out of millions of kids who need people to come alongside and so when you are giving two eyes wide open, when those of you who have already given to support us, you are helping us there in a home where somebody loves them. And the money that you're giving goes directly to them. I don't take a cut of that, I don't take a percentage of that, I don't get paid off at the top.

It literally goes to help them. If we had five hundred more dollars a month that were designated just for this young lady we could take her, and that may be what God is saying. I don't know yet, but what I am saying is there might be somebody who's listening to this, who can forward it to somebody who might know somebody working in Haiti, who is where this girl's supposed to be.

I need your help.. I need your help for her and I need your help to get the rest of the nine kids sponsored because if I can't get my kids sponsored, I can't help anymore kids. There's also a five-year-old.. another five year old girl that is a member of our family. It's a family member of the kids that I'm raising who needs a home. She's not going to school, she's not getting fed regularly, she doesn't have mental care medical care she doesn't have dental care, but I can't take any more kids until my kids are covered.

So will you please, please share this until midnight tonight? We have the opportunity to get a ten-thousand-dollar grant and matching gift for every, every monthly sponsor that comes in, we will get a ten-thousand-dollar gift which could go a long way to doing some of the things we need to do for our family right now and helping others.

So please, please, please help me figure out how to help this young lady and a five-year-old and help me get my kids sponsor before midnight tonight.

I thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers, for your sacrifices for us. Some of you are sacrificing big-time. You know there's someone out there that could easily give us five hundred dollars/month and that would be assigned to me.

This young lady is supposed to be rescued, everyone deserves to be rescued, everyone deserves to know the love of a father, everyone does and especially children, and especially a young lady who was paralyzed because somebody shot her and she was a slave. She needs to have her life rebuilt and I want to do whatever I can to help her do whatever that looks like if that's connecting her to another ministry or another way to get her the support that she needs. I thank you guys for all that you're doing please help me share this message and you'll see or hear more from us later. god bless you have and have a good day.”

Michael Schoeff: “Thank you for reading this. For more information regarding the project, access the EyesWideOpen webpage.”